Tuesday, October 10, 2006

The Mentor

To pay for the mortgage
I dance with the devil,
Up on his goat-legs he jives
As I learn the dark arts
To connive and turn off cold
My moral pump.

I've seen the philanthropist
Spin from caressing babes
To spitting out
Blackened lies barbed
With cross intentions,
Thrilled in his mauling grope.

Lick-spittle and suck, he says,
Come learn the way.
Don't judge my actions,
Judge my greater aims.
Have I confused you
With my Machiavellian call?

Embrace this as the law, my friend
Drink it in and say, I live!
For nothing deserves
To survive unless
It has fought and won,
He sniggers off to one side.

But he knows I've seen -
Don't be a fool he shouts
This pathetic angst
Isn't worth the time
It takes you away from
Bruising more bones.

There is no god
And no judgement book
And all things are equal
And nothing wrong
When everything ends
At a gravedigger's farm.

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