Wednesday, September 13, 2006

View from a Desk

Casting a glass eye round
For approval
He feels winks fall
On his polished page.
Nothing simple and beautiful
Is easy.
He knows that,
Like a childhood pledge.

Yet bells toll hollow success
As heroes morph
From hungry piglets.
He consents to pride
On a Monumental scale
As his capital heaves
On the back of swooning ego.
All puffed puffery.

Back-slapping, boob boys
Chase themselves
Back to sports sheds
And bar rooms,
Telling stories
Of cut-edged risk
And shoulder charged

Keep it up, Keep it up
If you drop the pace
The team goes down
We're ALL connected,
You know -
For No man's an island
Unto himself -
Any drop will collapse the stage.

In this false cry,
Reason is drowned,
What else can there be,
But complicity.

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